Online ground school will help you save money and learn valuable knowledge before ever enrolling in a flight school. We partner with MZERO A, a training course guaranteed to help students pass their check ride.

This ground school can save you up to $1,000 on your training. Why have someone teach you at the rate of $50-$60 an hour when you can learn on your own?

Jason Schappert and his team at MzeroA have the best program for the Private Pilot rating. They also have an incredible Instrument Rating program. Their training includes both IFR and VFR and your written test prep. You are about to learn how to fly a plane, why would you not want to learn with the best program out there!?

Here are just a few of the many things we offer, your time is valuable, let us help you create more of it so you can enjoy what makes you, not worry about headaches.

Get all the resources you need to pass at the Online Academy.


You must have the MzeroA Pass your Checkride eBooks. MzeroA has one for Private and one for your Instrument ratings. You can do the hard copy if you want but, with the eBook you also get an audiobook for free! With the eBook you also have the ability to make notes and highlights on your tablet, this is incredible for training.

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